Big Data Analytics

Straitsys has developed a robust capability around Big Data Analytics to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information that can help organizations make informed decisions. Big Data Analytics includes:

  • Big Data Visualization – We leverage state-of-the-art data visualization technologies as well as advanced data grid tools to provide analysts with rich analytical and visualization tools and quickly develop data visualization dashboards that allow analysts to visually explore new and diverse datasets without writing any code or queries.
  • Data Engineering – We create a data ingest process that encompasses both a raw data load into Hadoop HDFS as well as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) transformation processes to format incoming data and load it into searchable indices. We perform data modeling to help inform ETL decisions as well as improve search performance and further enhance data usage/understanding by both enriching data fields taken from other data sources as well as performing lookups against static data and through a collaborative development process to
    ensure proper analytic processing and data visualization. We leverage entity resolution technologies to disambiguate records that correspond to real world entities across and within datasets.
  • Data Science – We develop and apply algorithms to build data models to perform statistical analysis, machine learning and recursive analysis to prepare triggers and analytics to present through Big Data Analytics


Straitsys has developed a systematic approach to improving and hardening any asset, enclave or enterprise. Using industry best practices, the team focuses on increasing maturity in each of the Cyber Domains below:

  • Governance – We maintain audits, policies, compliance and procedures.
  • Risk Assessments – We perform Penetration Tests that include Social Engineering, Infrastructure identification, Whitelisting reviews, and Data Recovery recommendations.
  • Secure Engineering – We develop and integrate Application, Cryptography, Network or Cloud Security, Enhanced Data Protections, and Access/Identity Controls.
  • Standards – We work with external governance boards (government or government-funded) to define future best practices and make recommendations on impacts of implementation (NIST, DICAP, PCI, HIPAA, etc.).
  • Security Operations – We perform daily monitoring, detection, protection, incident response, vulnerability management and prevention.
  • Training – We review and recommend appropriate training, conferences, certifications and general awareness for security improvements to the entire employee base.
  • Threat – We work closely with internal (SOC/Insider Threat) and external (Threat Intelligence) to better understand potential adversaries and contextualize all source threat data. This function develops indicators of compromise (IOC’s) and is also a part of rigid information sharing exchanges throughout the public and private sectors.

Insider Threat

Straitsys has developed an Insider Threat capability to aid in the mitigation of malicious threats to an organization’s critical assets from people within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors, and business associates. Our Insider Threat capability consists of:

  • Big Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering – We leverage our Big Data Analytics capability and expertise in Insider Threat to proactively identify and mitigate risks to protect organizations from intentional and unintentional insider threats.
  • Program Management – Our Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute-certified Insider Threat Program Managers lead teams of developers, data engineers, infrastructure engineers, and intelligence analysts covering cyber security, behavioral analysis, legal/privacy, and other stakeholders to deliver key Insider Threat capabilities.

IT Program Management

Straitsys has significant expertise in the management and delivery of complex information technology programs. We help our customers shape and deliver programs that support their mission objectives and drive value to the organization. Our IT Program Management capability consists of:

  • Communications Management – We ensure that stakeholders communicate successfully and determine which communication artifacts are exchanged during the project. 
  • Cost Management – We plan and control the budget of a project, including estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing, and controlling costs so that it can be completed within the approved budget.
  • Human Resource Management – We identify, document, and assign project roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.
  • Integration Management – We coordinate all aspects of a project, ensure all processes run smoothly, and milestones and deliverables are achieved.
  • Project Management – We plan, organize and drive the on-time, on-budget delivery information technology in support of organizations’ missions using various methodologies including Agile/Scrum, Spiral, Waterfall/Traditional and others.
  • Quality Management – We ensure activities necessary to design, plan, and implement a project are effective and efficient.
  • Risk Management – We identify, analyze, and respond to risk factors during a project’s lifecycle.
  • Scope Management – We ensure a project’s scope is defined and mapped accurately and allows project managers and supervisors to allocate resources appropriately.
  • Stakeholder Management – We identify, analyze, plan, and implement actions designed to engage with stakeholders, individuals or groups with an interest in the project who may be involved in the work or affected by the outcomes.
  • Strategy – We understand our customers’ mission objectives and work with them to build IT strategies that align with those objectives and maximize value to the organization.

Engineering Services

Straitsys applies its expert business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of information technology across application, data, infrastructure, and security services. Our Engineering Services capability consists of:

  • Application Engineering – We design, develop, test, deploy, and operate software or applications that are highly available, cost effective, and secure.
  • Cloud Engineering – We have been an AWS Consulting Partner since 2013. Our team is composed of highly experienced AWS Certified engineers that are ready to provide solutions and assist your team with your cloud initiative.
  • Data Engineering – We design, validate, implement and support robust, reliable enterprise databases and HDFS platforms, leveraging encryption for data at rest as well as in transit.
  • Infrastructure Engineering – We establish robust physical and virtualization platforms across multiple security enclaves and optimize processes to efficiently control and maintain those platforms and their compliance with strict security policies.
  • Security Engineering – We ensure compliance with strict security policies including DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), Security Content Tenable Nessus vulnerability assessments, and annual assessments of FISMA artifacts (PTA, CMP, CP, IRP, and IA technical controls) in conjunction with continuous monitoring.