Your Guide to Choosing the Right National Security Solutions Provider

The Russian attempt to influence the U.S. Presidential election. The Equifax data breach where the sensitive, personal information of millions was compromised. The constant fear of clicking on that unknown email attachment. We live in a world where Cybersecurity, Insider Threat, and other security dangers plague our government and business information technology infrastructures.

Corporate entities, the federal government, and even state governments are vulnerable to attacks.  As a corporation or government entity, you are tasked with safeguarding important, sensitive, and often highly confidential data for your clients. They trust you, but whom can you trust to keep your systems safe and secure? Choosing the right company for your national security solutions is of utmost importance.

A quick Google search for national security solutions companies reveals a myriad of choices, from large to small, from east coast to west coast, and everywhere in-between. But, do they all offer what you really need? Here are some things to look for when choosing the right national security solutions company:

Offers proven technical performance. While this seems obvious, you will want to ensure that the company has a good track record. Can they provide you with specific examples of proven past technical experience? What is the technical expertise and experience of the people who would be part of your team?

Offers thought leadership in the industry. Does the company’s leadership offer insight, expertise, and perspective derived from years of experience? Are they heavily involved in setting the pace for the industry? Do they recognize and anticipate risks and trends?

Values relationships with customers, team members, and community. Does the company value a teamwork approach to the services it offers? In working with national security, it is highly important that your national security provider values relationships and works closely with your own team and with its own internal team. Is the company committed to its employees and its community?

Exhibits uncompromising character. Honesty and integrity are two qualities you should look for in choosing a national security services provider. Considering the highly sensitive nature of the work involved, this is something that you should not overlook in the selection process.

Strives for excellence. Will the company provide you with the barebones minimum service or will they provide you with an elevated level of customer service?  You should look for a company that strives for excellence in everything they do and practices quality, consistency, and an extreme attention to detail.

Provides services across several integrated areas. Look for a company that offers a suite of specialized services that can interact seamlessly, rather than a separate company for each. For example, is the company capable of addressing Big Data Analytics and Cybersecurity as well as Program Management?

Don’t let your organization become the next headline: At StraitSys, we offer what you are looking for to address your national security needs. We are a company of great people delivering great results through leveraging our industry thought leadership and technical expertise in: Big Date Analytics, Information Technology Services, Insider Threat, Cybersecurity, and Program Management. Our passion is delivering systems, services, and solutions in support of the critical missions of our customers. You need not look further to find the right fit for your national security needs.